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She has steel Pokemon, her Pokemon are 2 magnemites lv 30 and a steelix lv 35 hope it helped.

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Q: What Pokemon does Jasmine have in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Who is jasmine in pokemon heartgold?

Jasmine is the Olivine City Gym leader

Where to get medicene for jasmine in Pokemon HeartGold?

go across the water from the light house

How do you get the medicine for jasmine on pokemon heartgold?

go to cianwood pharmacy hope that helped

Where do you get soothe bell in pokemon heartgold?

You trade any Pokemon for Jasmine's Steelix, and it will be holding a Soothe Bell.

Where to catch an amphy in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch Amphy. Amphy is owned by Jasmine.

How do you pass the door to get to jasmine on Pokemon heartgold?

you have to take the stairs all the way to her instead of the elevator

Where is the TM iron tail in Pokemon heartgold?

After beating Jasmine, she will give you TM Iron Tail.

How do you get Jasmine back to her gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

After talking to Jasmine in the Lighthouse, you have to go to Cianwood City and get a Potion from the Pharmacy there. Take it back to Jasmine and she'll go back to her Gym.

How do you get rematch with jasmine in HeartGold?

Get her phone number registered in pokemon then ring her if you would want to battle her again

Is jasmine a steel type gym leader in Pokemon heartgold?

Yes and her Pokemon are Steelix, Magnemite and Magnemite try to use fire types.

How do you get the secret potion in Pokemon HeartGold?

talk to jasmine in the lighthouse at olivine city and then go to cianwood and talk to the pharmasist

Is it possible to trade jasmine for her stealix on Pokemon HeartGold?

yes but you must defeat her in a rematch and talk to her twice & stealix will be at the same level of the Pokemon you trade.