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You get a Larvesta which evolves into a Volcarona

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Q: What Pokemon comes out of the Pokemon egg that the treasure hunter gives you on route 18 in Pokemon black version?
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How do you get an magmarizar Pokemon white?

On Route 13 from the Treasure Hunter with a black coat.

What Pokemon hatches from the egg you get fronm the treasure hunter in Pokemon black and white?

The Pokemon hatched is LARVESTA, the bug/fire Pokemon.

Where to get larvest in Pokemon black?

On route 18, if you go in this cube house, a treasure hunter will give you the egg for Larvest if you have space in your party

Is black Pokemon version harder than the black version or the white version is harder than the black version?

pokemon white is hareder than pokemon black

What is in the egg that you get at route 17 in Pokemon black?

It is in a house on land. A treasure hunter (whom is dressed like a Pokemon ranger) in the house will give it to you. Depending on how you do it you can battled anywhere from 0 to 4 trainers. The egg has a Larvesta inside.

What are the names of the new Pokemon games?

Pokemon Black Version & Pokemon White Version.

Is there going to be a new Pokemon game called black version?

Yes. Pokemon Black version comes out spring 2011 the same for Pokemon White version.

How do you get a pootchyana in Pokemon Black?

Poochyena is not found in Pokemon Black Version. It is found on Route 9 in Pokemon White Version, however.

How do you get Pokemon from GB silver version to black version?

If you mean pokemon silver for gbc an pokemon black for ds then you can't sorry

Is Zekrom on Pokemon black or Pokemon White version?

Pokemon white reshiram is on black

Can you catch the legendary in Pokémon Black In Pokémon White?

In Pokemon Black Version the legendary is Reshiram and Pokemon White its Zerkrom.The only way to get both is to transfer Zerkrom to Pokemon Black Version or Reshiram to Pokemon White Version.

When does keldo come out to Pokemon Black?

It has not yet been announced when Keldeo will be available for download in Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version.