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Just like the regular Pokemon In Kanto.

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Q: What Pokemon are in the Kanto region in Pokemon soul silver?
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Is there a Pokemon league in Kanto region on soul silver?

Yes there is.

How do you get into Kanto region Pokemon HeartGold and soul silver?

You have two beat the Pokemon league.

Where is Kanto city in soul silver?

When you defeat the pokemon league, you get given a ticket that takes you to the kanto region.

Can you go to the hoehn region in Pokemon soul silver?

NO only kanto and johto

What do you do when you get to the Kanto region in Pokemon soul silver?

beat the all the gym leaders

How do you get to the Pokemon league in Pokemon soul silver once you are in the kanto region?

just fly back

Where are all the HMS in Pokemon soul silver?

every where in the jonto region but rock climb is in the kanto region

What time of day does pikachu appear in the kanto region in Pokemon soul silver?


Were can I find a Pikachu on Pokemon soul silver?

Pikachu is located in the Viridian Forest, in the Kanto region.

Were is pallet town on Pokemon soul silver?

right under Viridian City in the Kanto region. :)

Pokemon soul silver how to get a partner in the Kanto region?

go to a mount and then battle 10 Pokemon then u got a partner

Where do you find brock in the Kanto region in Pokemon soul silver?

Pewter City Gym. Same as always.