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There are a few kitchen appliances which begin with the letter H. Two of those appliances are a hotplate and a hand mixer.

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Q: What Kitchen appliances that begin with H?
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What kitchen appliances start with the letter K?

Kettle and knife are kitchen appliances. They begin with the letter K.

What are some kitchen appliances that begin with the letter G?

Griddle is a kitchen appliance. It begins with the letter g.

What is a kitchen gadget starting with h?

Hand mixer and hot plate are kitchen gadgets. They begin with the letter h.

What are kitchen items that start with the letter H?

Hot plate, herbs and highchair are found in the kitchen. They begin with the letter h.

What is the cost of kitchen appliances?

Kitchen appliances cost differently depending on the brand and the type of appliance.

Is white best for kitchen appliances?

The best color for kitchen appliances depends on the person taste.

Where can one find used kitchen appliances for sale?

For sale used kitchen appliances can be found online on eBay. A local source for finding used kitchen appliances is in the newspaper or on CraigsList.

Who has the best prices on kitchen appliances, Home Depot or Lowe's?

The best place to buy inexpensive kitchen appliances is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart often sells high quality kitchen appliances for an extremely reasonable price. These kitchen appliances are also visually appealing.

What are some kitchen objects that begin with the letter H?

Hand mixer Hot pad

What appliances do NEFF manufacture?

NEFF manufactures kitchen appliances. These include stoves, freezers, ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers. They manufacture all types of kitchen appliances.

What brands of appliances does Kam Appliances sell?

Kam Appliances sell kitchen appliances from a number of different brands. Some of them they sell are Bosch, DCS, Electrolux, General Electric and Kitchen Aid.

What are some kitchen items that begin with letter H?

Hob, hot water tap, hot plate...