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The 6th gym (Steel type) does not unlock any new HM , instead the 16th Gym (Blue's Gym) unlocks Rock Climb

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Q: What HM does the 6th gym let you use in soulsilver?
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Can you escape from a Gym Battle in Pokemon SoulSilver?

No, unless you use AR.

When can you use rock climb on SoulSilver?

After you beat Blue, the 16th gym leader

How do you get the badge that lets you use rock climb in soulsilver?

Beat the gym leader.

Where do you find gym leader blue after you beat him in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver?

You fid him back in his gym in veridian city. The place where Giovanni use to be

What gym badge do you need to use surf in white?

6th gym badge

Why won't rock smash work on Pokemon soulsilver?

You may not have enough Gym Badges for it to learn it. Once you get a certain amount of Gym Badges you can get to use it.

What do you do after the 8th gym in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Head back to new bark town and use surf on the water.

Where do you get HMS in Pokemon SoulSilver?

All you have to do is beat gym leaders then the allow you to use HM's out of battle but ether before or after battling the gym leader. Good Luck!

How do you move boulders in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you use strength. you get strength on route 42. you can use it in the wild after you beat the goldenrod city gym.

How do you get through the eighth gym in Soulsilver?

use an ice type Pokemon against the dragons and an electric against the garydos

What gym leader do you beat so you can use strength?

in pearl, diamond, and platinum the 6th gym

What hm does the sunyshore gym let you use?