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Q: What HM can you use after beating the fourth gym in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get the 4th badge in Pokemon emerald?

by beating the fourth gym leader

In Pokemon emerald what do you do after beating flannery?

you go to Petalburg city gym to get your fourth bage and surf

What to do after beating the fourth gym in Pokemon Pearl?

what do you do after beating the fouth gym in pokemon pearl

How can you battle Norman in Pokemon emerald?

Of course you can, right after beating the 4. gym (the fire gym).

Where to go on Pokemon emerald after beating the fourth gym?

just head down to petalburg city and the gym will be unlocked. you have to choose a room to go into that has a certain stat on it. you can choose from two doors.

Where to get the gogless on Pokemon Emerald on Pokemon Emerald?

after beating the 4th gym leader may/brandon will come to you and give you the goggels

Where do you find the TM overheat in Pokemon emerald?

You get it after beating Flannery at the Lavaridge gym.

Where do you get the TM calm mind on Pokemon emerald?

After beating Mosdeep City Gym.

How can you get waterfall for Pokemon Emerald?

somebody gives it to us after beating the 8th gym

How 2 get surf on Pokemon Emerald?

u get it from wally's dad after beating the 5th gym

How do you complete the fourth gym emerald?

easy as pie beat the gym leader with strong enough Pokemon

Fourth badge pokemon emerald?

Flannery, a fire type gym leader.