What HMS can metang learn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Cut, Strength, Flash and Rock Smash.

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Q: What HMS can metang learn?
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Does metang learn earthquake if you dont evolve it?

metang doesnt learn earthquake.

What moves does metang learn at what levels?

metang learns another move at level 25

What Pokemon can learn the move meter mash?

Clefairy, Metang and Metang's evolution learns Meteor Mash.

What level does metang learn psychic in Pokemon diamond?

Level 36

In Pokemon Emerald Why Can't Beldum Learn Any Moves?

because beldum can't learn any moves until he evolves into metang at lv 20 and metang can learn 2 moves : confusion and metal claw . you should go to"" for more information

What Pokemon can learn four different HMS?

Arceus, Bibarel, Floatzel, and Mew are four Pokemon that can learn at least four different HMs.

What TM's can beldum learn?

Beldum can not learn any Tms or HMs.

Can embor learn any HMS?


What level does metang learn confusion?

Metang learns Confusion at Level 20, the instant it finishes evolving from Beldum. If you leave your Beldum in a Day Care center and it goes up past 20, it won't learn Confusion except by use of a Move Tutor.

What moves and when does beldum learn sapphire?

All Beldum learns is Take Down. Metang and Metagross learn different moves. Hope this helps!

What Level Can You Learn Dive?

you can learn HMs at any level, but only if you have a compatible pokemon.

What HMS can zubat learn?

Fly and Defog, and that's it. No Cut or anything. Even when it evolves into Golbat and then Crobat it can only learn those two HMs. But it can learn false swipe and hypnosis which is good for catching Pokemon!