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"A Kiss Under The Mistletoe" is episode number 357.

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Q: What Episode number is A Kiss Under The Mistletoe in Pokemon?
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Is there a Pokemon episode called a kiss under the mistletoe?

i sure hope not.

What Episode number is Kiss Under The Mistletoe in Pokemon?

There is no such thing as that episode! It was fake and it was made up by a fan! Ash and Misty never kiss!!

Which episode does misty kiss ash?

None. There were rumors going around about an episode called "a kiss under the mistletoe." These rumors were based on a song that was in the pokemon christmas special cd, "Under the Mistletoe."

Where online can you watch Pokemon episode kiss under the mistletoe?

no wherew it is just imposible to fine the bloody episode!

Where can you watch Pokemon episode a kiss under the mistletoe?

The episode is taken of the internet but is shown in japan on chrishmas.You can also download episode on some sites

Where can you see a kiss under the mistletoe in Japanese Pokemon?

There is no way to see the Japanese Pokémon episode that is titled "A Kiss under the Mistletoe" because there is no episode in existence with that name. Japan has never aired such an episode and the U.S. has never received such an episode. There in no episode in Pokémon in which features any of the main characters kissing.

Did ash kissed misty?

Yes they kissed in the episode "a kiss under the mistletoe"and it is so cute episode .I'm still day dreaming about that.

Which Pokemon episode does Ash kiss May?

It was in an Episode called "A Kiss Under the Mistletoe." Which WAS Episode 357, it was only shown in Japan but Japanese parents complained about it because they didn't like their kids watching cartoon characters kiss, so it then got deleted and was an NA episode and Unaired in Japanese version and English version like the Barboach Vs Whiscash episode which was unaired in Japan and the US. Also Kiss under the mistletoe instead got replaced with an episode called "Take This House and Shuppet"

What is the no of episode in which ash kissed misty?

no in Japan the episode is called "a kiss under the mistletoe" JAPANS LUCKY!

Is Kiss Under Mistletoe a movie of Pokemon?

no it's a special Japanese episode that only aired in japan but they replaced it with a wierd shuppet or something because of concerned parents

What episode does ash kiss misty?

I have finally found the Christmas special episode on youtube where ash and misty kiss! They really do! Its on youtube the FULL episode! Type in Pokemon episode a night under the mistletoe banned episodes.It should be there.

Which episode did ash and misty almost kiss in?

A night under the mistletoe xmas special. It is on youtube.