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keep on going to the right. then, eventually u will find mt. moon. somehow, get past that, and go on to cerulean city. u will fight misty there but first, beat the five trainers on the top of the city. then, go on right and fite the trainers. eventually,u will find a house. talk to the Pokemon in the house and u will discover it is not a Pokemon. do as he says and go back to cerulean and fite misty. does that answer ur question????

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Q: What Do You Do After Beating Brock on FireRed?
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How do you catch the running shoes in FireRed?

By beating Brock and then going east until you see one of professor oaks aids and he will give them to you

Where do you battle Brock in FireRed?

Pewter city

Where is the Old man in Pewter city in firered?

Battle brock

Where do you go after you beet brock in Pokemon FireRed?

go to cerulian city

Who is in the 1st gym in FireRed?

Brock and a few other weak trainers

Where can you get TM rock tomb in FireRed?

after you beat brock in pewter gym

What will you do if you beat Brock in Pokemon Soul Silver?

After beating Brock, if you haven't faced the other Gym leaders yet, go challenge them.

Can you buy master balls in firered?

no you can only get one by beating Giovanni

What hm do you get after beating lt surge in Pokemon firered?

Shock wave

How do you catch island in Pokemon FireRed?

after beating gym leader blaine

What do you after beating Pokemon FireRed?

you go outside and live real life

Where to get shockwave in Pokemon FireRed?

after beating lt. surge, you ll get it with thunderbadge