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One possibility is growth.

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Q: What 6 letter word means process of becoming larger?
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What do you mean by Tapered?

Usually, that means starting out larger and becoming narrower, or sort of a wedge shape.

What is the difference between rise raise increase and grow?

Rise means to move upwards. Raise means to increase the level of something. Increase means to become larger in amount. Grow means expanding or becoming larger in size.

A little green around the gills means?

Either actively hungover, or in the process of becoming so

What is solidifiction?

Solidification means the process of a liquid becoming a solid, such as liquid metal cooling to become solid

What is the defference between growth and development?

Think of growth as getting larger and larger and development as to growing and adding things on or creating. For example, if the stomach is growing, then it is getting larger and larger. If it is developing, then it is growing as well as being created.

What is child bearing?

It is the ability or process for a human female to give birth to a baby.

how to make a sentence with obsolescent?

The word obsolescent means in the process of becoming obsolete. What are the kinds of technology we are we using today that are in reality obsolescent?

What does ageing mean?

Ageing means "causing to make something appear older than it is", or the process of becoming older or more mature.

What is an eleven letter word meaning twilight-feeding ending with r?

Crepuscular, in zoology, means becoming active at twilight.

What does becoming a vamp mean?

It means becoming a vampire.

What is the difference between in process and in progress?

When something is in a process, that means that there are several known steps being taken to complete an objective, and there are more to complete in order to reach the goal. In progress means that just one step is being taken, and is currently on its way to becoming completed.

What is a 8 letter word that means an area area that is part of a larger area?

It is called a fraction. F R A C T I O N. This means part of a whole.