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Q: What 5 letter word means gambling odds?
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Gambling odds 5 letter word?


What is another word for gambling odds?

Winning chances. House edge is another word you can use but the meaning is not exactly the same.

What word has 8 letters and has to do with dice?

"Gambling" is an eight letter word.

What part of speech is the word odds?

Odds is a noun. It means to be in disagreement over something.

What are the odds in favor of randomly drawing the letter s from the letters in the word Mississippi?

The odds are 4 out of 11 (4/11), or 36%.

What word beginning with the letter e describes someone who succeeds against all odds?


What 3 letter word has an apostrophe after the first letter?

I've is a word that means I have. I'll is a word that means I will.

What is a four letter word with the third being a d for the probability of an event occurring to the probability that it will not occur?


What is a ten letter word that means equal to?

A ten letter word that means equal to is equivalent.

What is a 5 letter word that means gallant?

Brave is a five-letter word that means gallant.

What Four letter word means I forbid?

The four letter word that means, "I forbid," is veto.veto

What is a five letter word that means to annoy and begins with the letter p?

Pester is a six letter word that means to annoy