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Q: What 5 letter word makes 4 new words from boat work and dog hold?
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How is the letter w like a boat?

Because it can hold 4 people and floats

What will make a boat hold weight?

How much weight a boat will hold depends on the volume of the boat. This is called displacement. displacement is exactly equal to the weight of the water the boat displaces, that is the boat makes a hole in the water. The volume of that hole times the weight of water (64 lbs for salt water, 62.4 for fresh water) - displacement. The volume of water displaces is equal to the volume of the boat.

How much weight can a boat hold before sinking?

The answer is simple, the amount of weight a boat can hold depends on how big your boat is the bigger the boat the more water it displaces the more weight it can hold.

What boat will hold more pennies?

circle boat

What is a hold on a boat?

A hold is a large vacant space below decks where the cargo is put in a boat.

What are some words that start with the letter H?

human, hi, hold,

How much does a boat hold?

it can hold as much as your mom

Boat trailer weight?

Depends on the boat it is designed to hold.

What is a freezer hold in a boat?

A "Hold" on a boat is the part of the boat that carries cargo. A Freezer Hold would be a compartment that is refrigerated so as to haul fresh fish or other items that would spoil during transit.

What boat could hold up to 10-12 tons?

A heal boat

How much weight can a boat hold before it sinks?

It depends on the size of the boat.

How does the size of a boat affect how much it can hold?

Bigger the boat, bigger the cargo hold. In theory, if you had a boat and ocean big enough, you could transport an infinite mass of stuff.

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