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Q: What 4 letter word means score in hockey?
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What is the 4-letter word that describes the object which players shoot into a hockey net to score a goal?


What is another word for score in hockey?


What is the four letter word that describes the object which players shoot into a hockey net to score a goal?

It is called a puck.

What is a five-letter word that means purchase?

as a verb, "score" as a noun, "goods" as a noun, "grasp"

What is a six letter word for four score?

a "score" is 20 years so a six letter word for four score would be: Eighty

What do the colors on a scrabble board mean?

The colors correspond to special squares such as double letter score and triple word score. Red: Triple Word Score Pink: Double Word Score Dark Blue: Triple Letter Score Light Blue: Double Letter Score

What is five letter word for hockey?


Where did hockey get is name?

The word "Hockey" means bent stick or crooked stick.

What is the 3 letter word for a hockey goal?


What is a word in hockey starts with the letter 'y'?


What are the squares worth in scrabble?

There are five (5) different colors on a standard scrabble board. The colors, its number of squares and score are: red (8 squares) =triple word score pink (17 squares) =double word score dark blue (12 squares) =triple letter score light blue (24 squares) =double letter score offwhite (164 squares) =single letter score If the letter tile/word is laid on any of the above square, the score of the letter/word is computed based on it.

What is the word that means to find the value or amount of in hockey?


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