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Q: What 4 letter word is the family of compounds that can hold water called?
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What is a 4 letter word l is the second to last letter the question is a family of compounds that can hold water?


What is A family of organic compounds that are soluble in organic solvents but not water called?


When chloride compounds are dissolved in water what is the water?

The water is called solvent, the compounds to be dissolved are solutes

When ionic compounds are dissolved in water they are called?

Any other compounds dissolved in water may be properly called a "solute", and when the compounds are ionic they may also be called "electrolytes."

What is a family of compounds that can hold water?

hygroscopic compounds, polyacrylamide, sodium acrylate, etc.

What is sulfurous water?

water with sulphur, its oxides or its compounds is called sulphourous water

What substances form hydrogen ions in water?

Chemical compounds called acids will do this.

How 16H2O molecules are formed in aluminum sluphate?

These compounds are called hydrates; water is called water of crystallization.

Compounds that hold water?

Compounds that have an affinity for water are known as hygroscopic. If the affinity is strong enough to attract water until the compound goes into solution, they are called deliquescent.

Which compound will have maximum repulsion with water?

These compounds are called superhydrophobes.

Water can separate the ions in many compounds is called what?


Two or more compounds mixed together?

A mixture of compounds is when two or more compounds are mixed together. For example, saltwater is a mixture of compounds because it is a mix of two compounds: salt and water.