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WoW uses a proprietary game engine. No other game company uses it.

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Q: What 3D engine is used by World of Warcraft?
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Is World of Warcraft 3D or 2D?

World of Warcraft is in fully 3D engine.

Is there any 3d mac games that have a flying mount?

Yes, World of Warcraft

Is there a 3d mac game that has flying mounts on it?

If you don't mind paying you can play world of warcraft :D

What do you call a major for 3D design such as characters in warcraft?

Animation or 3D Modeling.

Will an Intel R Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 video run World of Warcraft?

It runs bad all 3d games

What is a cool big 3D virtual world that's 100 percent free?

4Story, it's like world of warcraft but FREE! (you do have to download something though, but worth it)

What are some good 3D online games?

ROBLOX, World of Warcraft (WOW), Freaky Creaturs, Xivio, and BattleDawn are some good ones! I agree, those are really fun ones!

What 3D engine is used by Runes of Magic?

Runes of Magic / Radiant Arcana has an own 3D-engine, developed by Runewaker. It doesn't seem to have an own name, it's often called "Radiant Arcana" or "Radiant Arcana Engine" named after the Asian version "Radiant Arcana" of "Runes of Magic".

Why is paper Mario 3 not 3D?

It is in 3D. Mario is the only one who makes the world 3D.

Is the Sonic Blitz 3D engine free?


Will Mario 3d world be on the 3ds?

Yes, Super Mario 3d Land is on the 3DS!

What the code of toontown?

Toontown is made with Panda3d. Panda 3D is a 3D engine based on python. Hope this helps!