What is the worst games you ever play?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Levi butler

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2y ago

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Spore Creatures for the DS


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Brandyn McClure

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2y ago
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Q: What is the worst games you ever play?
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What is the worst game?

power soccer and a-ball (a game my friend made up) that answer is invalid for those games don't exist for the worst game go to cool and play the hardest game ever its impossible

Do shrews play dead?

Shrews do not typically play dead as a defense mechanism like some other animals do. When threatened, they are more likely to try to escape or defend themselves by emitting a strong odor or biting.

In your opinion what are the worst 5 video games ever made?

the WORST games EVER are call of duty 4, oops prank party, Black ops for wii, black ops for the xbox and black ops for the ps3

Is there gonna be a Grand Theft Auto 5?

Hopfully no. There some of the worst games EVER!

Who is the worst charcter in Mario games?

Birdo is probably the worst because she is ugly and lame and she is the easiest boss ever in the Mario games.She is very pointless.

What is the worst waste?

The millions and millions of dollars paid to professional athletes to "play games".

How do you play PS3 game in ps2?

You do not the PS2 can not ever play PS3 games

What kinda games do girls like to play on ps3?

what ever boys play

What is the worst games?

In my opinion, Mario & sonic at the olympic (winter) games. Those both games makes sonic very slow. A sonic game with Mario could be so much better! Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. Worst. Game. Ever.

Worst Mario party Game?

I think Mario Party Advance is the worst, because it was not like the other Mario Party games where you can play with 4 players.

What is the worst Mario game ever?

The worst Mario game ever is "Hotel Mario" no quesions asked,The Game just SUCKS.THE WORST MARIO GAME WAS SUPER MARIO BROS 2 IT WAS TERRIBLE OH MY GOD WORST GAME EVER.Same. Super Mario 2 is what I didn't play. I'm a mario fan and I played all the games exept for that one. You can just step on them you have to pick them up everytime. I hate birdo since I always have to pick the egg up in each level.

Does imvu not stink?

IMVU does stink. It is one of the WORST games i EVER played in all my 16 years of living!