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Probably to buy a commercial disc cleaner.

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Q: What's the best way to a clean a video game disc?
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Whats the best way to fix a scratched disc?

One of the best ways to fix a scratched disc is to buy a repair kit.

Where can you clean a video game disc?

You can take it to most shops that rent movies and video games, most of them have a machine that will clean it. I know for a fact that most family video stores have this.

How do you repair a scratched video game disc?

Most places that sell cd's or video games will also sell disc cleaners. There are kits that include sprays and wipes. There are also small machines that you insert the disc in to clean it.

How do you fix a video game?

If your disc is dirty or damaged just take a soft cloth and alcohol then clean it off.

What stores buff video game cd's?

Most video game stores will buff a disc. Or a best buy.

Which company invented video disc?

which compeny invented video disc

How do you clean the scratches of a ps2 disc?

there's a disc cleaner called optifix that works well you can geet it at best buy for like 20 dollars

Tamil word for Digital Video Disc?

kaanoli thakadu video = காணொலி disc = தகடு

What format is a Digital Video Disc format?

Digital Video Disc - also known as digital versatile disc or more commonly DVD, is a format where data can be stored onto a disc. It replaces video and video recorders, as DVD-Rs can be bought and recorded onto.

How do you clean a xbox game?

Cleaning Xbox or other video games can be a little tricky. You must be sure to use a clean soft cloth and gently wipe the disc so that you do not scratch the game.

Can a xbox 360 disc cleaner clean a xbox 360 game disc?

If it didn't it wouldn't be an xbox 360 disc cleaner

What is a movie DVD?

Digital Video Disc A disc read by a laser beam containing video programming.