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nothing i think but i dont really know

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Q: What's so special about enhanced characters on dragon ball raging blast 2?
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Who can be enhanced in Dragon Ball Z raging blast 2?

All the characters can be enchaned.

Who are the enhanced characters in Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2?

super saiyan3 and two goku and that shoud be it?

How do you get enhanced goku in dragon ball raging blast 2?

sorry but you need a special edition to get enchanced goku

Is there an super saiyan 4 in raging blast 2?

no raging blast 2 is only dragon ball Z characters

Can you play as grown up goten in db raging blast 2?

Nope, there are no GT characters and no Dragon Ball characters, only Dragon Ball Z characters.

How do you unlock new characters in the dragon ball raging blast demo?

You cant

How many characters are in dragon ball raging blast?

search it on yahoo or google

How do you unlock ssj 4 characters in Dragon Ball Raging Blast?

You can't.

How do you play as downloaded characters in dragon ball raging blast?

Go to playstation network click on add-ons click A-m then look for dragon ball raging blast

Which is better Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast or Raging Blast 2?

Dragon Ball:Raging Blast 2 is better because they have movie villians like Cooler and they have some series characters that Raging Blast left out.

How do i enhance characters in Dragon Ball Z Raging blast 2?

You earn it in battlezone

How do you unlock characters on dragon ball raging blast 2?

By doing the stories on the game