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bottom floor of Pokemon Mansion

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Q: Were to find blaines key to gym at cinnabar island?
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Where is blaines gym in pokemom red'?

cinnabar island, you moron. haven't you checked the map? i know where it is without looking at the map, that's how good i am.

How do you get key for gym at cinnabar island?

You will find it in the Pokemon mansion on cinnabar island.

Where can you find blain in Pokemon FireRed?

He is in the Cinnabar Gym on Cinnabar Island.

How do you get the gym key in cinnabar island?

you have to find it inside the Pokemon mansion located on cinnabar island

What is in cinnabar island in Pokemon FireRed?

To get to Cinnabar Island, you must go to Pallet Town, and surf down on that water at the bottom until you get there.

Where is blue the gym leader?

You find him at Cinnabar island.

How do you get the gym leader to come back to viridian city?

you have to keep swimming on route twenty after cinnabar island until you get to the sea foam island cave entrance with a camper girl outside. beat her go in the cave and up the ladder into Blaines fire Pokemon gym. beat him and then go talk to trainer Blue up the stairs on cinnabar island and he will return to his gym in viridian city

Where is Blaines gym?

Blaine's Gym is in Mahogany Town.

Where is blaine in HeartGold?

In the Seafoam Islands, you should surf from Pallet Town to Cinnabar Island, then to Seafoam and when you enter Seafoam, there should be a ladder directly in front of you. Climb up it and their is blaines gym. If you need to find him to get his pokegear number, visit Cinnabar at anytime on Tuesday and he is outside the Pokemon centre.

Where do you find the key to open the 7th gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You will find the key to the Gym of Cinnabar Island, From the Pokemon Mansion that is on the same island.

On Pokemon soulsilver version how do you get to the gym in cinnabar island?

its in seafoam island not cinnabar

Which gym is the fire gym?

the fire gym is in cinnabar island