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Im not sure about the ruby on island 1 but I know that there is a sapphire at the bottom of the dotted hole

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Q: Were is the ruby and sapphire on island 1 in Pokemon firered?
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Where is the sapphire orb Pokemon FireRed?

The sapphire orb is in ruby and sapphire, not firered and leafgreen.

How do you get Treecko in Pokemon FireRed?

After you fix the machine on 1 Island with the ruby and sapphire, it allows you to trade with the games emerald, ruby and sapphire. You can trade a Treeko from one of those games to FireRed.

What do you need in Pokemon sapphire to trade with Pokemon FireRed?

It is FireRed that needs the Sapphire & Ruby Crystals :) x

Are the Sapphire and the ruby in Pokemon FireRed both in mount ember?

No. Only the ruby is in mount ember. The Sapphire i located in the rocket warehouse on island five.

Where to get deoxys?

Pokemon Emerald: Birth Island Pokemon Sapphire: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald. Pokemon Ruby: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald.

Did Pokemon Sapphire and ruby come out before or after Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen come?

Sapphire and Ruby came out before firered and leafgreen but they are compatible with them.

How do you get to eight island in Pokemon firered without Nintendo event?

you need both ruby and Sapphire to get there. :)

Where is Mudkip in Pokemon FireRed?

After fixing the Network Machine on One Island, you can trade a Mudkip from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. You can't catch a Mudkip in Pokemon FireRed.

Why do you need the ruby and Sapphire gems in firered?

SO that you can trade with POKeMON sapphire and ruby.

Where do you find the Sapphire and rube gems on Pokemon FireRed?

the ruby is in the cave on mt. ember on one island. the sapphire is in dotted hole on six island.

What to do after getting the sapphire in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to Celio( The man on one island whom you gave the ruby to).

Can you catch any Pokemon from ruby or sapphire in Pokemon firered or leafgreen?

Not any hoenn Pokemon but firered and leafgreen can catch alot of kanto and johto Pokemon ruby and sapphire can and can't.