Were is parent login at roblox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they deleted it so your parent account was made into a normal account so use regular log in and reg pass and reg username. thx friend me plz! - lollipopsaregood

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Q: Were is parent login at roblox?
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How do you create a parent account on Roblox?

go to your roblox go to parents go to parent login and that's how

How do you make a parent login on Roblox?

look this up on youtube- How To Get Free Chat On Roblox (2012)

How do you make a parent account on roblox?

Go to the parents section, then select Parent login, and create account.

Where is parents login on roblox?

Parents accounts have become a Roblox character. So just log into your parent account using the normal log in.

How do you log in to Roblox?

Login menu.

How do you sign in to roblox on mobile?

Login menu.

How do you get t ickets on roblox?

Trade robux in for them or login. if you login it gives you 10 tickets every day that you login

How do you take out a parent in roblox?

What do you mean by "Take out a parent in ROBLOX?) If you mean pwn, they don't have user accounts they just have control over 1 or more of their kids accounts. If you maybe also mean take them off wacting your account, you would have to login into your parents account and not watch that user account any more.

How can you get tickets without using your place on roblox?

Daily Login.

How to login to roblox?

To Sign In: Go to Roblox Find a button that says "sign in" Click it And do the things it tells you to do To Log In Find login button and type in your username Identification If you don't remember click Forgot

Ways to get free tickets on roblox?

You're basically getting free tickets everyday as you login, you're daily login money.

Why does roblox not accept your login details?

That is a problem that you should contact them at for.