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Well, go south of Prof. Rowan's house and surf in the ocean, then use a good rod to fish for it.

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Q: Were in Pokemon Platinum how to get remoraid?
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Which level does remoraid evolve in Pokemon platinum?

At LEVEL 25, Remoraid evolves into Octillery. Hope I helped!

Where is a Pokemon trainer that has octillery in Pokemon platinum?

There is no trainer with it, but you can evolve remoraid at level 25.

Where do you find octillry in Pokemon platinum?

you can't, you have to catch a remoraid and level it up.

When does remoraid evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

At level 25 in Pokemon Platinum but I'm not sure about it in Pokemon diamond and pearl

Where is a remirod in Pokemon platinum?

in sunyshore city in font of the fishers house who wants a remoraid

What is the 133D Pokemon in the Sinnoh region pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

im pretty sure it is octillery. the evolution of remoraid

Where do you catch a remoraid in Pokemon plainum?

answer: You can get a Remoraid in platinum? Go by Sunnyshore city, Pastoria city and through the fight area to the resort area. hope this helped

How do you get octillery in Pokemon Platinum?

To get an Octillery, you have to go to pastoria city and fish a remoraid. Then you have to level it up get it to be an octillery.

What is a remoraid in Pokemon diamond?

Remoraid is a pokemon(water type)

How can you see an octillery on Pokemon platinum?

To get it, catch a Remoraid and battle alot with it. When it levels up enough, you'll have... Octillery!

What level does remoraid evolve at?

I know for sure on Pokemon Platinum Version that Remoraid evolves at level 25. I'm not sure if that's correct on Diamond or Pearl, but I know it for sure on my Platinum game. Me and my cousin both have Platinum. We were both playing it on DS and he got it to level 25 and it evolved into Octillery.

What type is remoraid?

Remoraid is a water type Pokemon