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Go to the contest hall in lilycove and talk to the lady on the left. She would give you a poke block case.

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Q: Were do you get a poke block case in Pokemon sapphire?
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How do you use the poke block case in sapphire?

You can get it in Verdanturf city in the Pokemon contest.

Were to get a poke- case on Pokemon sapphire?

If you mean a Poke-Block case, you can ask for one in Lilycove City at the Pokemon Contest Hall. One of the girls at the desk will give you one.

How do you get a Pokemon block cace in Pokemon Sapphire?

you get the poke block case in slate port citys in the Pokemon contest talk to some little balled girl she will give to you.

How do you feed Pokemon pockeblocks?

Get the poke block case and go to lilyove city and make poke blocks then just go to your bag and click on the poke block case and click on the poke block you want to feed to your Pokemon and then click on the Pokemon you want to feed it to. simple ? go to lilycove city and make the poke blocks. after that go to your bag and click on your poke block case (is in the key items pocket) and then click on the poke block you want to use then it will ask you what Pokemon you want to feed it to . tell it what you want to feed it to then it feeds it to the one you selected. its that simple.

Where is the pokeradar in Pokemon Sapphire?

The Poke Radar is not available in Pokemon Sapphire. The Poke Radar is an item exclusive to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, X and Y.

Where is the paper in the poke mart in Pokemon Sapphire?

i don't think you can find a paper on a poke mart on Pokemon sapphire.i search everywhere but all of poke mart have no paper at all, i feel sorry too cause i also use Pokemon sapphire.

Why cant I feed My Pokemon a poke-block in sapphire?

There is a limit to how many PokeBlocks a certain Pokemon can eat before you can't give it any more, so use PokeBlocks wisely.

Where do you get a poke block case?

I don't know about ruby or sapphire as i don't have them, but i do know in emerald you get the pokeblock case in Lilycove by talking to one of the ladies behind the counter in the contest hall.

How do you find the paper in the poke- mart in Pokemon sapphire?

right on the front desk

How do you get all the Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire without using a poke-ball?

use a ultra/great ball

Where do you get the 5th badge in Pokemon Sapphire?

you can get the fith badge by going to petalburg the poke gym there.

Can you make poke 'block in Pokemon X and Y?

No, sorry.