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in the pokemart after you use mystery gift.

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Q: Were do you find the man in the green suit in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you find an Azure Flute in Pokemon Platinum?

if you have completed the national pokedex go to Canalave city in diamond pearl and in platnum.go to the blue store.there be will be a guy in a green suit waiting for you he will give you the azure flute.

In witch city is there a green man in the pokemart?

In Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum, a man in a green suit can be found in the Pokemarts. He is not in any specific city. He is just in every Pokemart.

How do you find the green guy in the pokemart In Pokemon heart gold?

A guy in a green suit will only appear in a Pokemart if you have participated in a Pokemon event. For a list of events, click the link below. (In "related links")

Where do you find the green guy what pokemart?

You need to be more specific. LUCKILY, I know what your reffering to. You are talking about the arceous event in diamond/pearl/platinum. He will be in any pokemart in a green suit. After you have activated the event.

Were is the guy in the green suit in Pokemon diamond?

in any pokemart near the counter.

How do you get manaphy in pearl?

you need to have mystery gift and you will get a manaphy off the man in the green suit in the poke shop

Can you get a Pokemon Suit in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

I'm sorry to say but no...... WAIT! actually mabye you can... but only by hacking and i don't know how to do that so... no you can'tSORRY:(

Where is mew in SoulSilver?

Mew is not in Pokemon Soul Silver version, to catch him, you need to complete a Pokemon event. After the event, you'll find guy in a green suit at the poke-mart, talk to him, and you'll receive Mew.

Were is the dude in the green suit?

For Pokemon Colosseum, the Green suit man is at one of the entrances of Phenac City after you beat Foley again in the mayor's office. If you are passed that,then you will receive a email from Nett about a Bayleef at Team Snagem Hideout after you have beated the main story. Go there and search around. You should find him. Be prepared with a level 30 Pokemon and plenty of poke and great balls. Good luck!

How do you find the guy in the black suit on Pokemon sapphire?

you don't!besides,what man?

What town is dude in a green suit in Pokemon platinum?

There is no town called dude in green suit but you might be thinking of Eterna city but the gym leader there is a gril so I don't know. Sorry I couldn't help much. :(

Are there any Pokemon pearl cheats that don't need action replay?

On Pokemon platinum i know a cheat without action replay Press L+R when going to pokemonmart and they will be a guy in green suit NOTE:This may not work but it worked on mine so try again and again This works a t night