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Route 212 (after winning at pastoria gym)

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Q: Were do you find poison jab in Pokemon platinum?
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Can roserade learn poison jab on Pokemon platinum?


What Pokemon can learn poison jab in Pokemon LeafGreen?

None because poison jab is a 4th generation move.

Is there move poison jab in Pokemon fire red?


Where to find poison jab in Pokemon white?

go under the bridge where the pokemon wi-fi lab is on top and find the tm near the wall

Where is TM84 in Pokemon platinum version?

TM 84 contains the move Poison jab. This TM is located on route 212. This move has a power of 80 and can poison the foe (a really nice move)

When does skuntank learn poison jab?

Skuntank doesn't learn Poison Jab by itself from leveling. However, it can learn it from the Poison Jab TM.

If you use Poison Jab too many times in platinum what happens?

Obviously your Ds breAKS down! Same with BubbleBeam!

How do you get a Gliscor that knows Poison Jab?

A Gliscor can be taught Poison Jab either by going to the Move Relearner in Pastoria City and giving him a Heart Scale in exchange for Gliscor learning Poison Jab or you can use the Poison Jab TM in order to teach it to Gliscor.

What is the best poison type Pokemon in diamond?

The best poison type in diamond is definitely skuntank. Teach it the moves poison jab, toxic, shadow claw, and night slash. It'll be a great weapon in the elite 4. You can find a stunky (1st form) under the cycling road, in the grass.

What is all the moves Beedrill can learn on Pokemon?

poison sting, harden, toxic spikes, Hyper beam, poison jab, solar beam, spikes, twin needle, string shot,

Where to get poison jab in hgss?

In "Pokémon HeartGold" and "Pokémon SoulSilver," Janine will give you TM84 Poison Jab for defeating her.

Where to get poison jab in pearl?

go to route 201