Were can you get a pokesav?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is the official website to download Pokesav for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum:

If it doesn't work as a link, than copy it, and paste it in the address bar.

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Q: Were can you get a pokesav?
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Which site can you use pokesav?

There is no sites you use pokesav on your ds.

Does pokesav work on r4i?

Yes pokesav works on r4i

What is the pokesav website?

you get pokesav from Once in the website there will be a little collumn that has pokesav as an option. click on that and pick the kind of version and language and save or open it. BAM you have pokesav!!!! hope this helped!

How can you get pokesav?

go to this link

How do you get pokesav in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to download pokesav to use on Pokemon pearl. Also you have to have an AR. Just to let you know pokesav is a hacking tool.

Where can you download pokesav?

there is no pokesav for gamrboy ~ ID1178458914 You misspelled gameboy ID1178458914... ~ Jian999

Is pokesav free?

Yes Pokesav is free(as long as the website is not taking advantage of you) Here is a website to download it:

Does pokesav require an Action Replay?

Yes, to my knowledge, you need an action replay for Pokesav.

Pokemon Platinum pokesav English?

Where can you get something like pokesav for Digimon World ds?

You can't. Pokesav is for Pokemon cheats.

Is pokesav dangerous?


Do you recommend pokesav?

Yes pokesav is very useful if you are trying to win in battle tower or something