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i can give you some that r unused they are bgh6ytrc and erfgh6yt and tyure4fd5

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Q: Webkinz adpotion cods that aren't used?
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What is a Webkinz code that has not been used?

A code for a Webkinz that has not been used yet.

Can you use a used Webkinz code on your Webkinz friends account?


How do you deactivate a Webkinz?

I cannot deactivate a Webkinz after the secret code attached to your Webkinz has already been used. -WebkinzUSA (Not the creater of Webkinz)

Do you have to pay for a account in Webkinz?

You only have to pay for the webkinz used to create an account.

What are some webkinz adoption codes?

They are codes used to create Webkinz Accounts.

What are Webkinz codes?

well, webkinz codes are used at the adoption center on they help your virtual pet come to life!can i have a code for all of the webkinz.

What is an unused code on Webkinz?

An unused code is a code on Webkinz that hasn't been used by anyone. It can be used to create an account or to add to an account.

How long will you be banned if caught cheating on webkinz?

You will be banned forever, and all webkinz codes you have will remain used.

What are some webkinz code?

No one can tell you that because it come in Webkinz products and it can only be used once.

Which is better a webkinz or a regular stuffed animal?

Webkinz defiantly You get a regular stuffed animal + an option of an online account. Webkinz can be used as a regular stuffed animal. It's like 2 in 1! Webkinz' great!

What is the webkinz mutt?

The webkinz mutt is used for trial accounts outside of north America. A trial account lasts for twenty-four hours, before it disappears. The webkinz mutt is only used for trial accounts- why i do not know.

Is Webkinz a copy?

ok so i heard that there used to be a website where you have a virtual baby called apparently webkinz took the idea to make webkinz and instead of babies did animals! on kinzweb there were like the exact stuff from webkinz!