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definitely not. my guess is either What's My Line? 1950-1967 or To Tell The Truth 1956-.

The 64,000 question was from the fifties 1955-1958 and it was still not the first and some like that one were called quiz shows and not Game Shows

I've got a Secret 1952 was one of the first that lasted along with What's my Line 1950.

I looked some up in Wikipedia for original series dates and included them after the show's name

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Q: Was the Wheel of Fortune the first game show on tv?
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What is the duration of Wheel of Fortune Australian game show?

The duration of Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - is 1500.0 seconds.

When did Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - end?

Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - ended on 2008-06-27.

When was Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - created?

Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - was created on 1981-07-21.

What is a tv game show starting with wheel?

wheel of fortune

Can you show me a picture of the game show Wheel of Fortune?

There are pictures and videos on the related link for Wheel of

What game show did Zak appear on in 1997?

Wheel Of Fortune

Can you Watch The Wheel of Fortune Tournament Of Winners?

Sometimes older episodes of Wheel of Fortune are available on the game show network

Is Wheel of Fortune game legit?

The Wheel of Fortune game show broadcast on Syndicated TV is. An on line gaming site that you are paying to play is another matter. Every contestant on the Wheel of Fortune Game show leaves the show with the $1000 minimum, although most of the 600 yearly contestants leave with more.

What game show did zak bagans appear on in 1997?

Wheel of Fortune

Who created the Wheel of Fortune game show?

The show was created by Merv Griffin who also created the game show Jeopardy

Where was the first episode of Wheel Of Forune aired?

on NBC broadcast Television in the USA. Wheel of Fortune is the USA game show and that some other show had the name for there program is for a completely different program than what is now known as Wheel of Fortune. I have heard rumors that Australia had a show by the same name back in the early fifties or sixties, but it was not the Famous Wheel of Fortune and just a show with the same name

Which Wheel of Fortune episodes did Game Show Network show?

The Game show network shows previous episodes of the wheel of fortune show from earlier in the shows history that were not erased as were most of the early daytime shows. They never show the current program year's episodes