Unlock all cheat for gh3

Updated: 4/28/2022
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G=Green,R=Red,Y=yellow,B=Blue,O=:Orange !!The notes will not make any sounds!! (it will say you have unlocked everything at the end of the cheat,AND THE NOTES ARE 4 CHORDS)(ELBOW STRUM IF YOU HAVE TO.)GRBO,GRYB,GRYO,GBYO,GRYB,GYBO,RYBO,GRYB,GYBO,GRYB,GRYO,GRYB,GRYO,

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Q: Unlock all cheat for gh3
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Why won't my gh3 data load?

Maybe your GH3 data is corrupted, if i were you i would start over and start a new game. if you think that's too chancey. use the unlock everything cheat. it's on

How do you get the hardest song on gh3 for ps2?

I'm guessing you're refering to "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce. You can either finish career mode or use the unlock all songs cheat code.

How do you unlock Lou on gh3?

You comeplete the game on easy.

Can you unlock canon rock in gh3?

nope sorry

How do unlock do not try this song on gh3?

can't it is a uploaded song

How do you unlock the devil guy for gh3?

The devil guy is named Lou. you unlock him by beating easy mode.

Can you unlock all songs on guitar hero metallica with a cheat?

No, you cannot unlock the songs with a cheat.

How do you unlock the god of rock for Gh3 on PS2?

buy it with the money you earn

Is there a cheat to unlock all cars on nfsc on ps2?

no there is not a cheat to unlock everything in Need for Speed: Carbon

How do you unlock all legends?

with a cheat

What is cheat to unlock all characters in super smash bros brawl?

Their is no cheat to unlock all the characters all at once.Only cheats to get the characters seperatly.

How do you use big gem cheat in gh3 on Xbox 360?

You can not use the cheat it's only avalible on the ps2 version.