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First you use the barrete on the beez they go then take the magazine give it to Mandy she go,s you take her candy then alex tells you to put it on the bin tgen jerry picks it up next you goto the machine where the yellow sighn takes you use the magazine on it and it,l malfunction and rip up the magazine play a puzzle minigame that fixes it use the magazine on it again and it will open and say welcome Nelly you click on the door at the left play a minigame then u will see Nelly on the phone skip it thenon your left side is a central heater put it red the security guy takes jacket of and u use the paralye thingy on him click the controll thingy play a minigame called slime Nelly then once u finish that end of mission 2 HURRAY!

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Q: Totally spies academy walkthrough mission 2?
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I have no clue

Totally spies academy mission 4?

what is ment by bc

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Your a nc

Totally Spies Academy cheats for mission 4?

Sorry i don't know :(

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i think by geting the perfume.

How do you write b.c in totally spies academy mission 4?

Simple ,write 0030 (-)

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My sister is stuck on the zombie puzzle

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Go on Google and type in Totally Spies academy

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How do I be a SPY?

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It is easy, all you have to do is click on the x powder. And you can go to the hall or to your loft and to a mission .

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i cant get to alex in mission 4 how can i put bc on the time machine its only numbers -0030 is how to get to alex.