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go to the door and use the earing's on the zombie. enter the lab. you can take a lava lamp and a poster. go to the chemistry set complete the 2 recipes on the paper in the corner. one will open a locker a zombie is stuck in (opening Locker is necessary and one will blow up and a disco ball will fall you can put it in your loft. take the purple screw driver of of one of the tables. go back to the hall and use the test tube thing on the lock a zombie will be in the locker. mouse over the shining spots on the zombie one is a key another is a piece of paper that isn't really help full. use the screw driver to open the vent. you will get a card. go to the drinking machine in the hallway and put the card in. go back to the locker room. click the drinking fountain and take the key from the zombie and put it in the key hole on the floor. go in the now opened hatch. on the couch there is a pillow u can put in Ur loft. put the card in the machine thing on the side of the contraption the octopus is in. when you play you have a paint ball canon thing. use it to hit the gems on the octopus' tentacles. it will take a few hits eventually the gems will break. next click on the guy in one of the corners. there will be a person on a track click on the track pieces to turn them things like Zombies screw drivers and bags will appear make sure the pieces they appear on r connected to the track eventually a desk will appear connect the tracks to the sides and voila mission 1 is complete!


Um hi I really like your advice but I think you forgot to put up how to get rid of the third zombie so I will tell them you just use the laser lipstick and aim it at him pants then they fall off and you can get your card charged

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Hello I have completed mission 1 but I did it in a while but I will do my best by memory so I go (oh if you think I missed something or have a question put it in the discussion page) OK lets go first go into the hallway and theirs a zombie use the earrings on it then you can go to the lab theirs a screwdriver then go to the place to make experiment it is in the lab on a table theirs a paper follow the instructions yes if one blows up that's OK after that a disco ball falls down feel free to take it one of creations one of them not the one that blows up use the other one on the lock on the locker in the locker room then use the screw driver on the air vent in the locker room then in the hallway theirs a girl zombie theirs a butterfly on her head use that bug attractor thing and aim it at her head then recharge your card at the drinking machine oh if you went somewhere else by accident use the laser lipstick on the 3rd zombie aim it on his pants and the go back to the locker room and use your creation on the lock a zombie comes out take his things that r shiny theres a key use it where there is a oil spill in the locker room there's a key hole use the key on the hole and then a staircase appears go down theirs a pink pillow you can take to put in your loft use your recharged card to play and don't forget to put on your earrings put them on your ears then you play this game you have to shoot the colored balls at the octopus's arms by the Jew's color after your done you have to plat this hard game where you have to lead people to destroy the bad guy's controlstation the your done mission 1! AWESOME!

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Q: Totally spies academy walkthrough mission 1?
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