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medium of exchange

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Q: This function of money is accepted for buying clothes gas for your car or a ticket to the big game?
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This function of money is accepted for buying clothes gas for your car or a ticket to the big game.?

medium of exchange

Is it possible to sell tickets with no venue booked?

No because the function (entertainment) would be misrepresented. A ticket sale is a contract. If you haven't reserved a venue then you haven't fulfilled your part of the contract. A function cannot take place if there is no location already reserved.Of course, many amateur "entrepreneurs and entertainment moguls" do all kinds of things that are not legal. Therefore, worthless tickets can be sold. It is up to the buyer to confirm what they are buying. Buying a ticket to some function for which there is no venue booked is paying for a ticket to a maybeshow.

Can you get into a movie?

Yes, by buying a ticket.

Does the person your with have to be 18 when buying a lottery ticket in Michigan?

It depends on who's buying the lottery ticket. If you're 18 or older and you buy the ticket it's fine even if there is a miner with you

You need one of these if you travel on a plane or bus?

A ticket (or other valid warrant or pass accepted in lieu of a ticket).

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Hogwarts isn't a real school, you can't get accepted there.

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you can a golden ticket by buying stuff that has a ticket in the corner of it you have a chance to win it it only took me 3 times to get one

How can you use the word airfare in a sentence?

i payed my airfare when i was buying my ticket.

How can one participate in the cadbury bournvita promo?

By buying there raffle ticket

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By buying a ticket, though the chances are very low