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ball, bat, blue

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Q: Things that begin with the same sound as big?
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What things begin with the same sound as big?

Bike, bell, bat, bear.

How many words that begin with the same sound as bear?


What word begin with the same sound as big?

fig,tig,rig,pig and dig.

Does begin have a short or long vowel sound?

Both the E and the I have short I vowel sounds (big-in).

Why are you able to distinguish the sounds of a violin from a piano's when their pitch and amplitude are the same?

Notes are made up of two things: a big sound wave, which is the same for all instruments playing the same note, and lots of smaller ones, which are different for each instrument. You hear the smaller waves as well as the big one.

How is an echo caused?

Sound travels in waves, when your in a big open space the sound can travel further without bumping into things as a result when the sound finally reaches something it reverberates and comes back to you.

Does sound travel faster through a big room or small?

Sound typically travels faster in small rooms compared to big rooms because the distance that the sound waves need to travel is shorter in small rooms. Additionally, in smaller rooms, sound reflections off walls are more frequent, which can also contribute to the perception of sound traveling faster.

When do you put the word a or an before a word?

Use "a" before words that begin with a consonant sound, and use "an" before words that begin with a vowel sound. The choice between "a" or "an" depends on the pronunciation of the word, not its spelling.

What are some Unique things about whales?

they only hear ultra sound. they are really big. And im just guessing.

Does the word big have a long vowel sound?

No, the word "big" does not have a long vowel sound. The "i" in "big" makes a short vowel sound.

When was Big Sound Authority created?

Big Sound Authority was created in 1983.

When did Big Sound Authority end?

Big Sound Authority ended in 1986.