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the code is 41262816

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Q: The vault code in super Mario paper 2-3?
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What is the ruby vault code in paper Mario?

The ruby vault code is 41262816.

What is the code on super paper Mario in super secret layer?

2323 & 2828

What is code for super paper Mario 3-4?


What is the code to the door in super paper Mario in merleys mansion?


What is the code to word 5-1 on super paper Mario?


What is the ND code on super paper Mario chapter 2 3?

It is 5963

What is the ND code on super paper Mario chapter 2-3?

It is 5963

How do you play as paper Mario on super Mario bros on ds?

you can't unless there is an action replay code for it. The only ones i can think of that you can play as are Mario and luigi.

How do you get the box on top in the room after the first code door n fort Frances super paper Mario?

You Don't.

In super paper Mario if you put the right code in fort francis you can't get Carrie can you?

No, you have to go in a room to get Carrie

What are the two codes in fort Francis on super paper Mario for Wii?

41262816, The first code is 5963 for the wheel thingy.

What is the action replay code to moon jump in super Mario 64 ds you cant find it?

The Code For Paper Mario is: 9570-857a-8497s-7494f For America only. Ha, it works! Its soo cool!!