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It could be the word conflict.

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Q: The struggle between opposing forces
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What is the struggle between opposing forces?


Struggle between opposing forces?

There is struggle between opposing forces because people want their own rights which they feel they don't get or for protecting their own organizations.

Struggle within the plot between opposing forces?


A struggle between two opposing forces?


What the word for repetitions of constant sounds?

A struggle between opposing forces

What is the struggle between two or more opposing forces in literary?


What is another wrod for A struggle or problem between or among opposing forces?


Struggle between opposing forces like a person versus himself is an example of?

mukha kaung tae ...

What are the two forces that struggle in a conflict called?

The two forces that struggle in a conflict are typically referred to as opposing forces or conflicting parties.

External conflict is best defined as?

a struggle between a character and opposing forces such as other characters, nature, or society.

What is the struggle between the protagonist and an opposing force?

It is a conflict.

What is the difference between conflict and consensus?

Consensus is defined as broad unanimity, general or widespread agreement among all the members of a group.Conflict is defined as a struggle or clash between opposing forces.