The sims PS2 cheats

Updated: 4/28/2022
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freeall for free stuff

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Q: The sims PS2 cheats
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Cheats for getting pregnant on sims 2 ps2?

the pity is you can't have a baby on the sims 2 ps2 and, there are no cheats :( how come you can hav a baby alien then?

Are there any cheats for having a Baby in The Sims 2 PS2?

No there are not

Is there any cheats for The Sims for ps2?

Yes,thay are freeall,midas,party m,and sims

What are some cheats for sims2 for ps2?

There are actually no cheats but there are cheats for The sims 2 on Nintendo DS and The sims 2 on XBox. Sorry For further info email me at

Where do you enter cheats at for ps2 on the sims bustin' out?

you just pause and hit the buttons

How do you complete sims 2 on ps2 without cheats?

just play loads

Is there any mood cheats in get a life on The sims ps2?

No there is not. Ive looked for them too.

Hints for PS2 sims bustin out?

Hannahluvsthesims2: go to google, and type that in, the best place for sims cheats, is

Are there any cheats for the sims pets on ps2?

Yes there is. You can get a gnome cheat that gives you money.

Is there nudity Cheats for Sims Busting Out PS2?

No there isn't because i researched the whole after noon Lol :)

Do you havt to input the cheats for sims bustin out for ps2 as fast as you can?

yes, you have to input them relatively quickly.

On Sims Castaway 2 how do you use the cheats?

you must find a cheat that unlocks all cheats! type them in during game play. go on google type in SIMS 2 CASTAWAY CHEATS FOR PS2 and there is a whole bunch of websites for cheats!...#2 is best