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In treely woods at the ocean dock bear the second gorilla

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Q: The dog island Wii where can you catch a silver fish?
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Angler fish on my sims kingdom Wii?

trevor island

Where can I catch large fish on Sims 2 Castaway on Wii?

When ur fishing watch for fish to jump them spear him

How did Brian get the idea to catch fish in hatchet?

play Mario kart wii

Can you catch a whale in animal crossing WII?

No spells no i caught all fish no whale!

How do you get the cat back in Zelda Wii?

first you have to get the fishing rod from Collins dad. then you gotta go catch a certain type of fish. when u catch it the cat will take the fish and go home.

Where are the Gobi Fish found in the Sims Kingdom game for Wii?

you fish for them in cutopia by the castle ( ifound if you catch fish yb the sand, you'll get sunfish and if you fish deeper you'll find goby)

How do you get a gold rod in Animal Crossing City Folk wii?

Catch all of the fish. Every single one of them.

How do you catch a vampire fish in Sims 3 Wii?

Be a level ten fisherman and go to the graveyard. Fish there. It is a very rare fish so it may take a while. Hope it helped A.Helpful Person

Is silver the hedgehog for Wii?

Yes silver the hedgehog the video game is avaiable for the wii.

Where do you catch a marlin in the sims 2 castaway for wii?

I caught a marlin with a wooden fishing pole at N. volcano beach at third island

How do you fish on the MySims game for PC?

you need to go to a fishin hole use the control stick on ur nunchuck to move the bobber around move it toward an area wit the white fish then once the bobber starts bobbing wait for it to go under water the pull up with the wii remote And You Will Get A Fish.

How the hell do you catch up with Miguel's Guide Plane to get the question mark on Wii Sports Resorts Air Sports Island Flyover?

Try to go above the plane and with your wii remote move it forward and then get it.