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Telling indians that their skin was the wrong color.

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Q: The complex profitability of Indian captives prompted a frenzy of what?
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What happened to the Shawnee Indian's captives?

The Boogeyman eat them

What did the Indians do to men as torture?

There is a wikipedia page called "Captives in American Indian Wars" which describes the practices.

How did American Indians torture their enemies?

There is a page on wikipedia titled "Captives in American Indian Wars" which provides some information.

Prompted widespread Indian assaults on the weakly defended colonial frontier?

Braddock's defeat at Fort Duquesne.

What gappened at Bradocks defeat in the french and Indian war?

braddocks defeat at fort dusquesne led to the prompted wide-spread of Indian assaults on the weakly defended colonial frontier

What helped early Indian civilizations become more complex?

trade/barter is what helped early india become so complex and civilized

What was the effect of the large british debt incurred defending the colonies in the french and Indian war?

Prompted passage of the Intolerable Acts, including the Boston Port Act.

What economic model did the colonists of Carolina use when establishing the colony?

The original colonists of Carolina used trade as an economic model when establishing the colony. This trade consisted of provisions, Indian captives, and deerskin.

Did the lenape Indians adopt white children captives?

Yes, they did! Have you ever read about Mary Campbell? She was captured during the French and Indian War when she was around 10 and lived among the tribe for several years after.

What is the date of Benjamin Franklin's ''join or die'' political cartoon?

The French and Indian war prompted Benjamin Franklin to use a political cartoon to stress the need for Colonial unity .

What early american indian invented the zero long before it was introduced to Europe?

The Mayas invented zero before it was introdiced to Europe. This allowed them to make complex calculations.

Is this right to invest in Indian real estate market?

Indian Real Estate is very complex idea. There is no right answer for this question. You should always look into specific case and learn about its perspectives.