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I say amparose, red garados, magmorter, flagarita

So far in my heartgold team I have

Megenium petal dance, magical leaf, frenzy plant, snythis

Sandslash iron tail, crush claw, headbutt, sand tomb

Red Garidos aqua tail, blizzard, can't remember last 2 moves :S

Poliwrath hypnosies, surf, bubble beam, body slam

Ho-oh have not gotten ho-oh yet

Riacu have not gotten yet

this team covers types like grass, water, fighting, ground, flying, fire, and electric.

I know this teams moves have some really bad ones. I'm not to far in the game though (hint hint don't have ho-oh) I am about high 30's so some moves will get better. If you can get Pokemon that are mostly all these types and have moves for the types including a cupple strong normal attacks like slash, you should have a really good team for the rest of the game :) so really you don't have to get legendaries. But hey are really good in this game so try your hardest to get Ho-oh.


MEGENIUM- really good Pokemon, yet hard to get through the game with because of the gym leaders who have types mostly all good against it. BUT A VERY GOOD POKEMON WITH AWESOME DEFENSE

FERTALIGATR- a good Pokemon, will get through the game quickly because mostly good against all gym leaders. Even stats too.

TYFLOSION- very good Pokemon, good against all gym leaders. Very high special attack. Very good choice for a starter if you would like an easier game

Pokemaster here. This is my team and i have mopped all the Gyms, the Elite 4, the Champion and Red with it. My team is:

MEGANIUM - Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Synthesis, Safeguard

LAPRAS - Surf, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Perish Song

ARCANINE - Flamethrower, Thunder Fang, Extremespeed, Dragon Pulse

SNORLAX - Yawn, Return, Blizzard, Rock Slide

GARCHOMP - Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance

NIDOKING - Poison Jab, Earth Power, Brick Break, Toxic

MEGANIUM - Pick Chikorita as your starter.

LAPRAS - Catch in Union Cave on Friday.

ARCANINE - Catch a Growlithe on Route 37 and use a Fire Stone.

SNORLAX - Outside Diglett's Cave. Pokeflute. After E4.

GARCHOMP - Trade from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum then breed.

NIDOKING - Catch a MALE Nidoran on Route 35.

Trust me, you will destroy all who challenge you!

I'd say:

Lugia lv100

Ho-oh lv100

Mewtwo lv100

Giratina lv100

Arceus lv100

Darkria lv100

raicu is good but will be tough to catch i am haveing trouble deciding on which electric Pokemon to get could anyoen please help me fix my team

hi there if your looking for a good Pokemon team for Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver then i would recomend a team like this

meganium with the moves synthisis safeguard solarbeam and bodyslam

magmortar with the moves sunnyday firepunch flamethrower and fireblast

poliwrath with the moves brick breack surf icebeam and phsycic

golem with the moves earthquake gyroball rockslide and rockclimb

ampharos with the moves thunderbolt lightscreen powergem and signalbeam

umbreon with the moves curse payback darkpulse and crunch

this is a really helpful team to beat the game

get chikorita as your starter

get geodude in the dark cave

get mareep outside violet city

get magmar in the burnt tower

get poliwhirl right of mahogony town

get eevee from bills house in goldenrod city
If you want to beat the elite four and champion then this is a really good team







I defeated the elite four/ champion 10 times with this team!

Good luck

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Q: The best team for Pokemon HeartGold is?
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