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I'm not really sure what you are asking but these are all the steps you can follow, this way you can see what you did or didn't do:

1. Place the printing plate on the left of the machine. The printing plate that went in first is the 01011001 .

2. Place the color that corresponds to that printing plate.Use these colors and printing plates in this order:

01011001 Y for Yellow

01000011 C for Cyan

01001101 M for Magenta

01001011 K for Black

3. Place a paper over the inked plate.

4. Turn the wheel to press the inked paper.

5. Take the inked paper and place it on the dryer at right. Do not turn the dryer on. This is just to have a place to hold that paper.

6. Place the next plate on the left.

7. Place ink for that particular plate.

8. Take the inked paper that you previously did with the first plate and lay it over the new inked plate.

9. Turn the wheel to press that new color on to the paper.

10. Take the inked paper and place it on the dryer without turning it on.

11. Do the above for the next two plates with their corresponding colors.

12 After pressing the 4 plates with 4 different colors, place it on the dryer. Turn on the dryer.

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Q: The Nancy drew game the haunting of castle malloy how do i do the last step of the printing press i already have four plates?
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