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Q: Take out 3 letters from apology to make a game?
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What is that game that from one word you have to make lots of words?

The game is called anagram. You take a word or group of letters and scramble them to create a new word or phrase.

What is the game where you make words from letters?


How do you ask for an apology?

When a person asks for an apology, they should be direct. A person has to make sure that it is the right time to ask for the apology. They should also be ready to explain why they want an apology.

Excuse letter for not wearing uniform?

i (name) writing this letter to make an apology for not wearing the college uniform, due to such n such reason. AM regretting on this fact and i ensure you that this will not happen in the future hope you'll take this apology into consideration. thanking you

What do you add two letters to to make the word shorter?

it is a word game the word is SHORT then add ER letters at end, to make SHORTER

How to write Apology letter for unable to join at promised date?

When writing an apology letter make sure it shows a sincere apology. Explain the reasons on why you apologize and give some details.

What sentence can you make with the word accept?

I accept your apology.

Should Canada make an official apology to Italian internees?


What is verb suffixes?

Verb suffixes are letters added to the end of any verb. These details change the definition, tense or tone when attached. An example of this practice is removing the y from apology and inserting ize to make the word apologize.

What make a statement negative if you take 2 letters away?

it is false

Take four letters from bread-van to make a vegetable?


How do you write a letter of apology?

A letter of apology is a message sent in an attempt to make amends for some kind of fault or error. Absolutely everything you need to know to write a great personal or business letter of apology can be found by using the link below to Perfect Apology. The ingredients of a Perfect Apology are simple and very easy to include in any written or verbal apology. Note that the site also includes excellent tips and tricks, as well as some do's and don't's associated with any apology.