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Super Mario bros 3 is ten times better than super Mario bros

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Q: Super Mario Brothers or Super Mario Brothers 3 i don't know?
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What are the controls in Super Mario Brothers x?

i dont know sorry :C

Can you play new Super Mario Brothers on computer?

yes i dont know where though

How do you be waluigi in new Super Mario?

How do you get waluigi on super smash brothers melee?"

Super Mario Brothers 1 or Super Mario Brothers 3 you do not know?

I prefer Mario 3 because of improved level design, challange, more fetures and gameplay

How do you beat world 2 in Super Mario Brothers Wii?

Its soo eazy, i have done it 25 time but if you dont know look on youtube

What is a tremor In Mario super sluggers?

i dont know the answer

What are the Super Mario Brothers surnames?

I don't know why, but their last names are Mario. Luigi Mario and Mario Mario. I don't gat it.

What are all the unanswered question in New Super Mario Brothers?

i do not know..... maybe there is a website for it

How do you be boo in new Super Mario Brothers?

I have the game but I don't know. Sorry but you can't!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

What is SMBs?

Super Mario Brothers. S M B. There is another answer to the question but I don't know what it is.

How do you unlock rosalina in Super Mario galaxy?

i dont know i asked the same question