Stun spore in Pokemon Pearl

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Stun Spore is a move in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. It can be used to put your opponent into a paralysis.

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Q: Stun spore in Pokemon Pearl
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Did Ash Ketchum ever have a fever and in which Pokemon episode?

Episode 112 in Stun Spore Detour.

In which episode of Pokemon does ash get sick?

You must be talking about the episode where ash and tracey get sick from a poisonous Pokemon and that episode is called the stun spore detour

What is the move spore on Pokemon?

I think that in Leaf Green/Fire Red it paralyzes your foe,you can catch a parasect in the cerulean cave with the move spore :)

What Pokemon uses the move spore in Pokemon platinum?

shroomish!!!!!!!! you have to migrate to get on diamond, pearl and platinum

What level does butterfree learn stun spore?


What are the 4 best moves to teach to a Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl if that Pokemon can learn anything?

Lock on, Fissure, Horn drill, spore

What episodes of Pokemon do people and or Pokemon get sick in?

In many episodes First, Sparks Fly for Magnamite, Stun Spore Detour, Pinch Healing, Dressed for Jess Success, and many others!

What happened with brock and professor ivy in pokemon?

they got paralyzed by vileplume stun spore go talk to nurse joy and only prof ivy will recover...

How do you catch Abra in Pokemon emerald?

I tried paralyzing it but the Abra teleports before i use stun spore. I can't catch it.

Which episode did mistys poliwag evolve?

Season 3: Episode 5: Stun Spore Detour. "If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!"

How do you battle regirock?

this works for me. hope it works on yours too. bring an oddish that knows stun spore and sleep powder . then have a water Pokemon in your team that knows surf... bring some nest balls, ultra ball, timer ball,.. weaken regirock... then if it have a red life... send out oddish then use stun spore or sleep powder(not poison powder)then use your balls...

What is the best team to have in Pokemon Y?

one fire type one water type one grass type and your favorite Pokemon. It would also help to have a Pokemon that knows stun spore, yawn, hypnosis, ect.