Sparkly silver suit jacket

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That is an unsolved clothing machine recipe. TRY TO FIND IT!! No one has yet. If you do find out the recipe you get a trophy.

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Q: Sparkly silver suit jacket
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How do you make the sparkly sliver suit on webkinz?

Sparkly Silver Suit Pants: Tan Suit Pants, Tuxedo Shoes, and Sparkly Pink Bow to make it. Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket: Is currently unsolved that we know of here on the internet. Sorry!

Sparkly silver suit jacket on webkinz?

unfortunantly it's unknown

How do you make the sparkly silver suit jacket?

It the acadamey sweater pink sparkle bow and tuxedo jacket

Sparkly silver suit jacket in the webkinz clothing machine?

do not put in the tan suit jacket if u no how the pants go bcuz i just tried it and it made a stupid patchwork hat.

How do you make a sparkly silver suit jacket in the webkinz clothing machine?

The jacket is confirmed but not discovered. Meaning we know it's out there but we don't know how to make it.

How do you make a kinzstyle sparkly silver suit jacket?

I'm sorry to inform you but the sparkly silver suit is an undiscovered idem. I myself figured it out but failed to write it down. Be sure to check other questions on wikianswers and other places on the web. Wish you the best of luck!

What is the recipe for the webkinz sparkly silver suit jacket?

1. jeweled military shirt 2. stripy toque 3. green pants :)

How do you make sparkly jacket on webkinz?

all you have to do is go to the clothing machine and mix the tan suit jacket, sparkly pink bow and the tuxedo shirt! enjoy

How do you make the sparkly silver jacket in webkinz?

by the way, it is SUIT!!!! NOT SUITE!!! I know how to make the pants, and I am sure they are done almost the same way. it is...... tan suit jacket, sparkly bow, and tuxedo shoes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- well it isn't. all i got was patchwork

How do you make webkinz kinzstyle sparkly silver suit shirt?

Hey this is long time answer poster, me! And omg I just found out the answer to the sparkly silver suit on webkinz. okay so it's sparkly pink bow+damper suit jacket thingy+ & finally........................ ugh! no! ah! i wrote it on a piece of paper but i guess instead of homework, dogs go for webkinz clothes recipes now. :( sorry SO sorry but hey you guys can figure it out from here.... right?Actually, It does not work. I tried it with, Sparkly pink bow, Damper thingy, the tan tuxedo jacket and I got patch work pants. :( Sorry!

Webkinz recipe for sparkley suit shirt?

pink sparkly bow, mod jacket, tuxedo jacket That is my best guess .

How do you make sparkly suit jacket?

It doesnt matter you should be mare concerned with other things like helping around the house, or doing something nice for someone, or praying, or helping the poor.Basically, add some sparkly to a suit and then toss in a jacket!