Spaces between cells are called

Updated: 4/28/2022
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What is outside the cell

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Q: Spaces between cells are called
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What is the medical term meaning pertaining to spaces between tissue cells?

These are called the Interstitial Spaces.

What is the space between plant cells called?

inter cellular spaces

What fills the space between cells?

The spaces between cells are pores or air spaces. These spaces are scientifically called intercellular or extracellular spaces or material.

Spaces between the cells are called?

The spaces between cells are called intercellular spaces. These spaces allow for the exchange of gases, nutrients, and waste products between cells. They also provide flexibility and allow for movement within tissues.

What is it called when plasma moves out of the capillaries and into the spaces between tissue cells?


The nonliving material surrounding cells is called?

The nonliving material surrounding cells is called the intercellular matrix. The matrix fills the spaces that are between the cells.

What are space between cells called?

they are called ---et

What lies between the cell walls of a plants cells?

its called apoplast network of spaces between plant cells: the network of interconnected spaces within the living cells of a plant, including spaces within the cell walls, between cells, or in nonliving tissue. It provides the main pathway for the movement of water between the sap-conducting vessels and the cells.

When the amount of fluid in the spaces between cells and increases so does the pressure in the spaces what are you a fair will happen?

Interstitial FluidFluid in the spaces between cellsThe fluid located in the space between the cells is known as extracellular fluid.inter cellular fluidThe spaces between cells are pores or air spaces

Fluid in the spaces between cells?

Interstitial Fluid

What are the spaces between the ribs called?

Intercostal spaces

Are there intercellular spaces?

Yes, there are intercellular spaces which are usually used for gas exchange between the cells.