Something we can play or watch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Something we can play or watch?
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What does the spinning dial on the watch do?

something to play with?

How do you play skater boy on the piano?

watch a youtube tutorial or something like that.

What is something good to do on a Friday?

Watch a Movie (: Or Play Mw2 On Ps3 Which I Can Do Because I Have Lots Of HW.

What things rise your heart rate?

You can do a LOT of things. Mostly, play sports, watch something scary, do something that makes you nervous, etc.

What can you do when you are bored at age 12?

maybe make some playdough, make a cake, go for a walk, go to a mates house, play with your animals, watch a movie watch TV play a game something like that.

How can i play tv on your PC?

you cannot PLAY tv as a game but you can watch. if you missed something on BBC, go to the BBC iPlayer. or ITV the ITV player.

How do you solve boredom?

Get a job. Play a game or something. Or you could go on youtube and watch those videos on what to do when your bored.

Other than tv name something people watch?

Movies Sporting Event People Play Clock

What to play at a sleepover?

Well you can play board games the wii if you have one. Make up a game, cards, pin the tail on the donkey, watch some tv, watch a movie,do a craft, do something to win prizes, treasure hunt, paint nails, color, play with baloons.

if you play roblox what should you do play or watch?


Name something kids do over summer vacation?

swim play go to camp sleep in travel watch tv read

What is something two friends can do on a weekend?

go to the movies sleep over play video games watch TV go to the mall