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R3, D2, R2, U2, L3, R2, U2, L4, D3, U3, R4, D2, L3, R3, U2, L4, D2, L1, D1, R1, U1, R1, D1, U1, R5, U1, L1, D1, L5, U2, R4, D1, U1, L4, D2, R3, D2, R2, U2, L4, R3, U2, L4, D2, L1, D1, R1, U1, R5, D2, L1, U1, R1, U1, L4, R3, U2, L4, D2

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Q: Solution to level 4 on soukoban?
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What is the solution of Level 93 on Soukoban?

There is a error and there is no solution of it...:)

Solution to level 93 on soukoban?


Solution to level 22 on soukoban?

L1U2R1U2L1U1R1D3L1U1R1U2L2D1R1D4R3U2L1U1L2U2R1D1L1D4R3U2L2R2D2L3U4R1 U1L1D3R1U2D2L1D2L2U2R1L1D2R2U3R1U1L1

What is the solution to Soukoban level 93?

I have just found out a workaround for level 93:Fix for Soukoban level 93 problem.To move on to puzzle 94 close out Soukoban and run regedit.Go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" then "Software" then "Soukoban".In "Config" double click on "cfg"and change Value data: to 5d .Then double click on "cfg2"and change Value data: to 5e .Close out regedit and open Soukoban and you will be on puzzle 94.IF YOU DO NOT KONW MUCH ABOUT THE REGISTRY AND YOU TRY THISAND CHANGE THE WRONG THING YOU CAN KILL YOUR COMPUTER.BE CAREFULL !!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK.

When did Power Soukoban happen?

Power Soukoban happened in 1999.

When was Power Soukoban created?

Power Soukoban was created on 1999-01-01.

What is the solution to soukoban level 57?

1D 1R 4D 1L 1D 1R 3U 1L 1D 1R 3U 1L 1D And then start pushing the blocks through the top passage.... should be easy from there!

What is the solution to level 20 on soukoban?

Solution: d3, L1, U1, R1, U2, L3, D1, L1, R1, U1, R3, D2, L2, U1, L2, D1, R1, L1, D1, L2, U2, R2, L2, U2, R1, D1, L1, D2, R1

What is the solution to soukoban level 31?

l , d , d , u , u , r , r , r , d , l , d , l , d , l , r , u , r , u , u , l , d , d , u , l , d

What is the solution to Bubble Blast pack 4 level 45?

There is no solution currently. Check out the related link.

What is the solution for level 47 on Soukoban?

Save one block at the start of the game two places up the most left 3 yellow dots. Continue placing blocks on yellow dots at the end you can place your "parked block" on top of the left yellow dots.

What is the solution for level 5 on Soukoban?

1 up 1 right 1 up 1 right 1 up 2 right 2 down 2 up 2 left 1 down 1 right 1 down 1 right 1 up 3 left 1 down 2 right 4 left 1 up 4 right

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