Sims 3 health cheats

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On the loading screen type in " testingcheatsenabled true " and start up your game like usual. Then, go to your sims needs. Drag the health bars to fully full, and if it does`nt work and you have your game on pause, unpause it. Then it should be working!

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Q: Sims 3 health cheats
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How do you get cheats for Sims 3 for the PlayStation 3?

You can't. You can only use cheats in The Sims 3 for PC or Mac.

What are cheats for sims 3 world adventures?

The cheats are the same as The Sims 3, the base game. There are no new cheats when this game came out.

What are The Sims 3 cheats?

See related links for a full list of all Sims 3 cheats and how to work each of them.

Are there cheats for The Sims 3 world Adventures?

yes there is... its the same for sims 3

What are the Sims 2 Cheats?

go onto google and search in sims 2 cheats and buy sims 3 much beter

Is there a sims 2 for iPod touch?

No there is only cheats for sims 2 but you can get sims 3.

Is there any cheats for sims 3?


Are there cheats for The Sims 3 Pets PS3?


Will there be cheats in the Sims 3?

probably when it comes out in June 2nd. im not sure but trying typing sims 3 cheats in Google. your welcomed if i helped!:)

Is there a cheat on sims 3 on tablet?

No, there are not any cheats available on the Sims 3 game on a tablet.

In sims 3 is the cheats same as sims 2?

im pretty sure...

Is there a website that has all the cheats for sims 3 or does somebody know them?

There is a website with all of the cheats (well I think there is all of them) and there is stuff you can download on it too. This is the website When you are on that website go to the sims community and go to Sims 3 Wiki and they have all the cheats.