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You'll find the General in Strangetown. Look ffor a house with the family name on it

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Q: Sims 2 where to find general buzz grunt?
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You are trying to find the Grunt Birthday Day party skull but then when you get to the place its not there How do i find it or what do i have to do?

If you are trying to find the Grunt Birthday Day party skull, but when you get to the place and it's not there, you may need to get a headshot on the enemy grunt. You should then found the skull in the middle of Crowsnest, which is the second level.

Where do you find the key to get in the galactic warehouse?

A grunt will drop it

I can't find the galactic grunt?

In front of the ruins

Where to find the third commander of galactic grunt?

in lake valor

What if you have already beaten wake and cannot find the grunt?

The grunt is by the great marsh with his head facing the wall plus he is on the north side of the town

Where can you find the boss of galactic grunt after defeating it?

at the top of mount coronet

What are the directions to find the Galactic Grunt to get Palkia?

you go through mt.coronet

What website lets you do any you want to do in the game?

It depends on what kind of website you are looking for. There are things like Sims 3, so if you go to your home page, type in "games like Sims 3", you should find something that you like, or just play Sims in general.

How do you follow people on Gmail buzz?

Right above your first buzz should be the words: Buzz- following _# of people- find people- refresh, click find people, type in an email address, and it should pop up if the person is on gmail buzz

How do can you find downloads for the Sims 3?

you can find some on the sims 3 website or you can go to modthesims2 dot com to find downloads for the sims 2 and 3

Where can you find jewlrey on The Sims?

On sims 1 you can't

What happens if the galactic grunt isn't there to give you the key and you have 7 gym badges on Pokemon diamond?

You don't get it from a grunt you find it on the ground (looks like a pokeball as always)