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To meet a monkey in sims 2 castaway all you have to do is go to the jungle, usually monkeys will come to you , and then you can befriends , chat ,hug ect with them :)

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Q: Sims 2 castaway-when do you meet a monkey?
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Why is your sims 2 game slow?

Your computer may not meet the sims 2 game requirements.

Is there a way to get one of your sims on the sims 2 to meet one specific person?


What animals are on Sims 2 castaway for wii?


How do you have kids on the sims 2 castaway wii?

You cannot. Though if you want to you can pretend to adopt a monkey.

How do you make a work bench on sims 2 castaway?

you have to get a monkey to bring you hardwood then you unlock the plan for it!!!!!!!!!

In The Sims 2 what are stone sims?

There are no such stone sims,but you maybe did think that the stone sim may be a robot.It's easy and quick;You flirt with everyone you meet!

What do you do on Sims apartment life?

On the sims 2 apartment life you can meet people and have your own apartment.You can also become a witch/worlock on it to.

Who stays in the penthouse after Optimum Alfred on Sims 2 on Nintendo ds?

nobody, it's free to rent and get monkey from.

Why wont your laptop read your the sims 2?

your laptop may not meet the sims 2 requirements. Though you might not be down on luck, i have heard that the Sims 2 Life Stories is the same as the sims 2, but is laptop friendly. Good Luck, and if you can play it, have heaps of fun! I hope I have helped! :)

How do you get kids on the sims 2 pets for ps2?

no unfortunately you have to have the SIMS 2, in the sims 2 pets the only thing that is a blessing brought upon your sim is new kitten or puppy if you meet a new dog or cat of the opposite gender

Which sims 2 can you have a werewolf?

Meet A Werewolf Be Friends With It Then It Will eventually Nibble you and you will become a werewolf

How do you find the Monkey Paw on Sims 2 Pets for Wii?

all you have to do to find the zombie monkey paw is search your coach/loveseat actually pretty easy but it may take a couple og turns